Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tara Hunt's "Whuffie Factor" Tidbits from Community 2.0

A few pearls of wisdom from Tara Hunt, marketing lead at Intuit aka @MissRogue's keynote at the Community 2.0 Conference. Her focus is on "The Whuffie Factor."
  1. Do good by doing well (quote from Craig Newmark) - also embraced by Stonyfield Farms
  2. Think customer-centrically. No brainer but one that we forget a lot. Remember to take your corporate hat off and think like a customer.
  3. Help others go further. Give tools to democratize:
    - Blogger - journalism
    - Flickr - amateur photography
    - Youtube - budding actors
  4. Spread love. Help people be better people. Mission cards are a good example - they say things like, "give someone a book" or "send drinks to a couple in love."
  5. Value something bigger. Don't forget to spend time focused on/thinking about public education, the environment, public transportation.
Following these concepts will help you to embrace The Whuffie Factor!

Photo Credit: http://blogs.bnet.co.uk/sterling-performance/2009/04/29/tara-hunt-the-wuffie-factor/

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