Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Content Marketing Webinar FTW

Wow! Really looking forward to moderating next week's content marketing webinar with rock stars, Lionel Menchaca of Dell, Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 and our very own, Natanya Anderson of Powered. Based on the dry run we did (with Simon Salt filling the roll that Joe will play on this webinar), we're going to cover some exciting territory.

Here is the write up:
In an age where more and more consumers are taking a “search and click” approach to buying new products, it’s becoming harder for brands to differentiate themselves from the pack.  As continued pricing pressures continue to mount, companies are turning to great content as a way to drive ongoing, active engagement with their brands and products, which can ultimately create deeper loyalty with their customers.  Creating user-centric content that puts the customer’s needs first instead of focusing on brand and product messaging requires a paradigm shift and development of new ways of communicating. 

Here what three content and community experts have to say about:
  • How to bootstrap your online community with professional content
  • The best practices and case studies of companies that are seeing measurable results
  • Content that spans the brand content continuum: lifestyle, category and productHow to turn prospects into buyers with great content

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