Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do YOU Unconference?

By now, I think nearly everyone has heard of an unconference. If you haven't, it's an event where a bunch of smart people get together and then self-organize around a series of topics that they vote on. M
ore importantly, if you haven't been to an unconference, it's high time you tried one. And in particular, the one you should really consider trying is coming up in two short weeks.

The unconference I'm talking about is of course ForumOne's Online Community Unconference and it's taking place in Mountainview, CA on June 10 at the Computer History Museum. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider coming:

  • They expect between 200-300 community pros -- people that have lived and breathed community for years at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Because this is the unconference's 4th year, ForumOne has had an opportunity to fine tune the experience to maximize the learning/networking aspects of the event.
  • Folks that attend are community managers, community directors, social media strategists, product managers, executive level management, community moderators, Web producers, community/product evangelists, marketing managers and directors of primarily enterprise companies.
  • Participating organizations include: Autodesk, Cisco, Civic Ventures, Collabnet, Diddit, Executive Networks, Get Satisfaction, Google, Hi5, Intel, Intuit,  LinkedIn, LiveOps, Microsoft, NetApp, NewGang Live, PARC, Rackspace,, Scottrade, Social Edge, Symantec, TechSoup,, and Yahoo!.

Find out more about what you'll learn from from last year's wiki (including session notes). If you're a more visual person, here is a collection of attendee-generated pictures from last year's event on Flickr.

What do I get out of this you ask? Nothing actually. But I've attended a couple of ForumOne's unconferences in the past and they provided an opportunity for some wonderful learning AND networking. On top of that, Bill Johnston, the chief community officer for ForumOne, is a super smart and awesome guy.

Assuming I've piqued your interest enough to attend, head on over and sign up now before they run out of space!

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  1. It's going to be a terrific experience and I personally can't wait. It'll be my first time at this conference so anyone who is going is welcome to ping me. I'm looking forward to great learning, great collaborative conversations, and making great new relationships.

    Cheers, Chris