Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Does No. of Followers Change Your Twitter Usage?

@NatanyaP and @Palpatim were talking about this topic this morning. I thought it would be easier to respond with an Utter. ;)

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  1. Great topic. My $0.02 is that in any social environment people behave differently as they engage with more people.

    Think of arriving at a party early, when only a handful of people are there. You greet everyone and stand or sit in a circle, with everyone participating.

    As the party picks up you can't engage the entire group anymore. The party breaks into smaller groups focused around interests, personalities and/or geographies (kitchen crowd vs back porch crowd). You actively interact with a small group while conversation from the larger group washes over you.

    For me, tools like Tweetdeck that enable grouping add value by letting me make that decision consciously.

  2. Russ - GREAT comment. I normally compare Twitter and other SocNets to a cocktail party so I really like your comparison here. Also, I'm a huge fan of Tweetdeck and should have mentioned that in my uttercast. THanks for keeping me honest!