Friday, April 10, 2009

Upcoming Conferences: Where to Find me in April-June

Yup, it's that time of the year again. Conference time. We got things kicked off last month with SXSW and now we're on to some of the "less networking/more learning" type conferences. While I'd like to get to a whole lot more, this is about all my work/personal life/mental health can handle for the time being.
  • Inbound Marketing Summit, SanFrancisco, CA April 28-29th (speaking)
  • AV Marketing Roundtable - Creative Ideas to Stretch Your Marketing Budget, Austin, TX April 30 (speaking/sponsoring)
  • Community 2.0, San Francisco, CA May 11-13 (attending/podcasting/blogging)
    NOTE: I have deep discount passes. Use code: GSTM2105AS when you register for $600 off.
  • Corporate Communication & Technology Conference, New York, NY  May 15-16 (speaking)
  • Inbound Marketing Summit, Dallas, TX May 27-28 (speaking/sponsoring)
  • BlogPotomac, Washington, DC June 12 (attending/podcasting/blogging)
Which conferences are you attending in the next three months? Is there one that I don't have on the list that is a MUST attend?

Photo Credit: John Federico


  1. My goal? Make it to at least two of these. Granted, that's pretty lofty considering my present financial constraints, but I really want to get out there and start meeting more people. I still think I'm thinking to narrowly (and want to meet the awesome people I know from Twitter in person). Hoping to meet you at one of these things as well Aaron.

  2. Aaron, the Community 2.0 Conference sounds like its going to be a delicious treat and if I had a solid $2500 I'd be heading to SF next month. I'm trying to make a point of getting outside of Austin, though. I'll be going to the Online Community Unconference 2009 ( in June.