Saturday, April 4, 2009

40 Reasons...

Tomorrow is my wife, Melanie's, 40th birthday so I'm dedicating this post to her. Yeah, I know... you're not supposed to talk about a woman's age after she turns 21 but Melanie is pretty comfortable in her own skin (and still looks totally hot) so she's not going to mind that I do this.

For the record, I'm stealing this idea from her although she went the extra mile and wrote her "40 things" list down in a beautiful little book. Given my "social" nature, I thought it would only be appropriate if I did my list out in the open for all to see. So here is my list of 40 reasons why I love my wife in no particular order:

  1. You are the love of my life
  2. You make me laugh
  3. You are a GREAT mother to our three children
  4. Your cooking
  5. The fact that you are so organized
  6. I also love that you are always on time
  7. Your dedication to "science"
  8. The fact that you don't mind packing
  9. Your cute text messages
  10. The fact that you were willing to give Facebook a try and are now addicted
  11. Your willingness to let me Twitter (within reason)
  12. The way you launder our sheets
  13. The fact that you don't mind doing LOTS of laundry
  14. The fact that you don't mind FOLDING lots of laundry
  15. Your kisses
  16. The fact that you changed your mind on a second cat (Lilly loves you for this too)
  17. Cuddling with you on the couch when we watch "Lost" or Netflix movies
  18. Traveling with you to the Turks and Caicos
  19. Your ability to parallel park better than me
  20. Your openness to new music (including the Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon)
  21. Sitting in front of the fire place with you
  22. Drinking coffee at Starbucks with you (especially without the kids -- sorry kids)
  23. The fact that you are gentle, yet firm, loving but disciplined with our children
  24. Your love of the sun
  25. Your dislike of the cold
  26. Your willingness to shovel snow while I'm away
  27. The fact that I come home and furniture is moved and walls are painted
  28. Holding your hand
  29. Our family walks downtown
  30. Eating icecream with you
  31. Your hugs
  32. The fact that you embrace my side of the family as your own
  33. Your EXCELLENT communication skills
  34. Your willingness to say I'm sorry
  35. Your smile
  36. Your eyes
  37. The fact that you have become a diehard Red Sox fan and are willing to watch 162 games a year with me (okay maybe not 162 but a lot)
  38. Your ability to throw a football (left-handed, mind you) better than many guys I know
  39. Did I mention your kisses?
  40. "Other" stuff that I can't mention here ;)
Happy birthday honey! I hope it's your best one yet...


  1. Thank you! You are the very best. So sweet and loving.

  2. sounds like a couple that was meant to be !
    love you guys ! xxxx

  3. Melanie - same back atcha baby.

    Susie - as someone that was there with us on our honeymoon weekend, there is nothing more perfect than you being a part of this. Love to you and Marc! ;)

  4. Happy birthday, Melanie! I also hope it was your best one yet. Looking forward to seeing you down here in Austin in a few months.

  5. Aaron -

    This was lovely. Thank you for sharing what a great person your wife is with everyone.

  6. -Bryan, thanks. I've passed on your well wishes.

    -Pauline, you are too kind. And yes, Melanie is an absolute doll. Glad I married her.

  7. Okay are you actually my dad, writing to my mom? Because this is something my dad would write (and has written) to my mom. I am glad there are more than two people in the world as happy as they are.

    Your writing style also explains why I am pleased to have you as a mentor. Anything resembling the work of my father is worth reading.

    Kudos to you, happy birthday to your wife, and if any of your children are boys, make sure they pick up this talent from you. It's vital to the future of this country.

  8. Sydney - hands down one of the coolest comments ever! Thank you. And I do have one boy so between his dad and two sisters, he'll be in good standing with the lady folk as he gets older. ;)