Monday, March 30, 2009

Overheard: I Survived SXSW '09 and Lived To Talk About It (part 2)

Here's the thing about SXSW. It's just too great an experience to contain in one wrap up post. Last week, I wrote the first installment of my SXSX experience summary which gave six of my highlights from the event. Now it's onto the second post about the event also known as "geek spring break":


  1. Citizen 2.1 = Party Blog. Ha!

    My own wrap-up post -- published just a few hours ago -- only has one cool pic: Will that do?

  2. Hey - I recognize "that guy" above my pic
    Met him on the plane!
    Twitter sure is making this world a smaller place!

    Good times at Cedar Door w/ you, Ginger & Andy! Glad I "kept going" after the after parties and after SXSW "officially" ended.


  3. Thanks Bryan. Just added a link to your wrap up post in the body of my post.

    -Deb, that is toooo... funny. And agreed, we definitely kept the torch lit! ;)

  4. Nice recap Aaron-

    As always, it was a blast. Can't wait for our next adventure.


  5. Great recap Aaron - this post is lending support to my theory that you are the Kevin Bacon of social media. You're a consummate connector - thanks for including my post and as always great to hang with you at SXSW.

  6. -Andy, oh yeah!

    -AC, I'll take that title. I may change my twitter handle to @tkbosm. Great hanging out with you as well. Hopefully we can do it again soon. ;)