Friday, March 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the fact that I/we at Powered make a point of eating our own dogfood. This means living by two rules:
  1. Be authentic
  2. Give before we get
In the first case, it's hard to be authentic all the time but once you get it into your DNA, it starts to become second nature. For number two, it's a little trickier because it requires a fairly large time commitment and it's easy to fall into the typical marketing/sales trap of "you gotta give me some info i.e. your name and e-mail address before we give you any of our thinking."

Over the last couple of months, I'd like to think we've done a good job of "giving" by writing objective, non-infomercial pieces that have been published in places like:
I'm also seriously considering removing any type of login before folks get access to things like research, white papers and even our webcasts. It's based on some research I read recently (thanks to colleague, Jay MacIntosh for finding it) and a post that my friend, Jeremiah Owyang did last week regarding Social CRM. Yup, this is a big deal but I truly believe that this is the way to go.

Are you eating your own dog food?

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