Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teaching a Man to Fish: Brett's First Forray into Blogging

My friend, Brett Agnew, who is self-admittedly a little "technology adverse" (or Luddite) as Bryan Person likes to call it, is learning about the process of blogging. So, as we spend a Saturday afternoon BBQ-ing some ribs, watching college football and consuming some beverages, we are putting together a blog post so he can see how easy it is to whip something together.

To be fair, we're not completely resting on our laurels so in spite of our "manly" duties, we're also watching our two, two-year old daughters and Bryan's three year old son. A little mix of "guy" stuff and "daddy daycare."

During the course of our discussions, Brett wonders aloud about what he would cover if he were to create his own blog. The first title he came up with which Bryan and I are kind of bullish on is "The Evolution of a Man." Focus would be on how one evolves from boy  to mustang to man and all the steps in between.

For any of you that have advice for Brett and how he might get started, I've offered to triage any suggestions since he's still mostly an e-mail/phone guy (to his credit, he does own an iPhone). Thoughts?


  1. It was a pleasure hanging with Brett on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to his foray into blogging.

    Two more things:
    1) Have him launch on WordPress rather than Blogger (I'm very biased toward the former).
    2) Who's that cute little boy in the background?

    Bryan | @BryanPerson

  2. Bryan - me too. By the way, it's funny because when I took the picture, I had no idea that that "cute little boy" had made it into the shot. ;)

  3. Hi Brett- nice to meet a friend of Aaron's. Welcome to the world of blogging..

    Agree on Bryan's Word Press thing- cant' say enough good things about it

    Other thoughts in no particular order.

    Make a habit out of it- I've done a miserable job of being active with it, but with practice comes perfection, and a nice network of new fans, friends, and people who share your passion.

    Short and sweet always works- I'd rather read ten 3-paragraph blog posts
    (like this one) rather than one 4 page missive. Unless of course it's Bill Simmons...right Aaron?


  4. Tyson - good suggestions. And yes, Bill Simmons is one of the few that can get away with 10,000 word posts. ;)