Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My 20,000 Tweet...

Hmmm, trying to figure out what my 20,000 tweet should be. I have a few thoughts but figured folks may be willing to give me some suggestions here. If you missed my 10,000 update, it was a doozy. I know I won't be able to trump that so I'm thinking about the following ideas:
  • My favorite 20 tweets of all time (mine or others)
  • A charity message
  • My favorite 20 tweeters (fraught with social danger)
  • 20 tips for maximizing social (feeling like this might be a cop out)
So tell me oh wise ones, what should I do? I've only got about 20 tweets left before I hit the milestone.


  1. I like 20 favorite tweets of all time. Sounds like fun!

  2. What does 20,000 look like in 1's and 0's? If that ain't for you, then I vote on "favorite 20 tweets of all time".

  3. Kelly - thanks. That's definitely in my top 2-3 ideas.

    Mike - binary code. that would certainly be intriguing...

    Other ideas coming in from Twitter... haiku, a message to a friend that had a dramatic impact on my social life, a quote from scripture or a poem. I like all of these ideas.

  4. 00110010001100000010110000110000001100000011000001110100011010000010000001010100011101110110010101100101011101000000110100001010

    (means 20,000th tweet in binary code)

  5. Offer it up to Kevin Youkilis (#20) to broadcast a message raising money for his charity.