Monday, November 2, 2009

So What's the Deal with Movember?

A number of folks have been asking me about what this Movember thing is all about. I included a brief overview in my earlier post on Three Worthy Causes/Events but promised that I would include additional details in a separate post. Consider this that "separate" post.

The essence of Movember is for gents to grow a mustache during the month of November for the purpose of raising money and increasing awareness in the name of "Changing the Face of Men's Health." The 30 second video below gives a good description...

There are five rules of the movement (although I've been told that there is flexibility since the name of the game is raising money for a great cause).

Fortunately, we've enlisted the help of both some gents AND ladies to help us with our team. And to that end, to make things more interesting we are going up against some of my former mates in Boston. I know I'm going to split some allegiances because many of my Boston peeps are going to be secretly cheering for me and Team Austin but will be guilted in sticking with their home team alliances. Sobeit!

I've set up a Flickr group so that you can see the progress of all the "Bro's" on our team as we "get our 'staches" on. The "sisters" that are participating will be getting creative in terms of how they decide to manifest their fake 'staches so keep an eye on their Twitter activity.

In the meantime, here are the three ways you can support Movember and Team Austin
  1. Join our team and help us raise money.
  2. Donate to our team (we'll take any amount - $1 up to whatever you feel comfortable with).
  3. Pass the good word along about what we're doing via tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts.

For those keeping score at home, here are the folks that are participating on Team Austin:


  1. Aaron
    Great cause, Great Team.
    Everyone consider making a donation or at least sharing this worthy cause with family and friends to build awareness.

  2. Just made a donation. Please share photos of the mustache growing progress

  3. Sean - thank you for your support. Very much appreciated. And don't you worry, we will absolutely be sharing the pictures of our "Mo's" ;)

  4. Jackie - you are AWESOME!!! Thank you. Look forward to rocking #TeamBoston's world. ;)

  5. I dont know much about the movember. Want to know more on this.

    r4 revolution

  6. Ok, Wesley. I'm in for another $5 - gave $10 yesterday when Sonny was on the "move"

    Great cause. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 3 yrs (she was 31 yrs) and at that point a roaring "recovery" was 5 yrs. Fortunately, she lived to 58 yrs before succumbing to by that time 5 types of cancer. She lived an amazing life between -- and as an only child, I learned early the value as well as the resilience that comes with a sense of impermanence.

    This is also a BRILLIANT campaign! Kudos to the creators as well as the implementors and our Austin Team.

  7. Oh! Aaron also - a whole bunch of you are on this team! Fun to support you. Thanks for playing.

  8. Neil - now you do!

    Sherry - thanks so much for supporting and donating to a great cause.

  9. Hey everybody!

    I made a team page in our plight against Boston over here

    Check it out and please donate today!