Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Experts in the Industry: Shel Israel (1 of 45)

Thank you Shel for being my first guineau pig. Anwers to my questions from my Experts in the Industry: 45 Interviews in 45 Days post.

In one sentence, please describe what you do and why you're good at it.
I write and speak about social media and I'm good at it because of the passion I feel for the subject. 
How did you get into the world of online community, social media or social marketing?
Desperation. My dotcom PR business tanked. If I was going to be broke, I wanted to do something I loved and that was writing. I asked four people if they would write a book with me. Scoble was the 4th and the 1st foolish enough to say yes. 
If you had $10 million to invest in one company and one company only based on their use of "social," which company would it be and why?
Twitter. Because they have the greatest potential to grow the furthest and make the most ROI. 
Which business leader, politician or public figure do you most respect?
Barack Obama, doesn't everyone? 
Would you join a toothpaste community? Why?
Nope. I have no passion for toothpaste. 
Freeform – here's where you can riff on anyone or anything – good or bad. Or just share a pearl of wisdom.
Time is the one resource you really cannot replace. Use it wisely and have as many enjoyable moments as you possibly can.

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