Thursday, January 29, 2009

Experts in the Industry: Mike Macadaan (3 of 45)

Next up in the Experts in the Industry: 45 Interviews in 45 Days series, Mike Macadaan. By day, Mike is the VP product & design at Tsavo Media. By night (and on weekends, he transforms into one of the co-founders of the uber-trendy event series, Twiistup. In fact, I met Mike late last summer at one of his Twiistup events in LA. If I didn't say it already, Mike's a pretty cool guy.

Here are Mike's insightful answers to my five questions:

In one sentence, please describe what you do and why you’re good at it.
I work on a talented team of user experience visionaries and I'm good because I recognize and utilize the expertise on my team without letting my ego get in the way of where the best ideas come from.
How did you get into the world of online community, social media or social marketing?
I originally got into social media because it was an effective way to evangelize the benefits of balancing business driven design with more of a human centered approach.
If you had $10 million to invest in one company and one company only based on their use of “social,” which company would it be and why?
I'd invest in a new company that balances amazing content with social principles that entices introverts to open up.
Which business leader, politician or public figure do you most respect?
Would you join a toothpaste community? Why?
Sure - toothpaste is ripe for disruption.  I imagine that if you get enough bright people obsessing over toothpaste, the birth of a better mousetrap will occur.  After all, brushing your teeth is still kind of a pain in the ass so surely the toothpaste community will come with some kind of automated, green, politically correct, cost efficient way to clean the teeth.  Sounds like fun to me!
Freeform – here’s where you can riff on anyone or anything – good or bad. Or just share a pearl of wisdom.
Get your grandma, mailman, butcher, receptionist, admin or whoever else isn't expressing themselves to jump into the conversation.  I'm inspired by the people I work with but it's those that I least expect that floor me with simple wisdom.  Keep your eyes open for those everyday problems that haven't been solved yet and create a better way to clean your teeth!


  1. Twiistup is a hoot and a half. Aaron and his blog get two full hoots. Thanks for the feature, I'll be looking for the toothpaste community - matter of fact, that my be a great social experiment - who's setting it up?

  2. Mike - you are too kind. Hopefully I will make it out to one of your Twiistup events soon (I believe you have one coming up in two weeks if I'm not mistaken).

    Regarding a toothpaste community, check this out:

    Aaron | @aaronstrout