Monday, December 8, 2008

Crowdsourcing Music via Twitter (again)

One of the things I love about Twitter is the fact that I can reach out to a large group of people that are far more knowledgeable than me and get ideas for things like restaurants, cameras, washing machines and yes, music. This morning, I mentioned that I was looking for five new songs to add to my iTunes and this is the response I got.

UPDATED 12/8 @ 2:30 PM CT
The choices are in (I slightly exceeded my goal of 5 and went with 12 songs instead). I really loved the diversity of everyone's recommendations and listened to every song. In the end, I chose these:
  • Mars Volta - Inertiatiac ESP
  • Tanya Donelly - Whiskey Tango
  • Amos Lee - Freedom
  • Ray LaMontagne - Barfly
  • Elbow - Mirrorball
  • Blue Sky Black Death - Secrets
  • Jollie Holland - Damn Shame
  • Switches - Drama Queen
  • Horrorpops - Misstake
  • Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
  • Matisyahu - Smash Lies
  • Sonics - Have Love Will Travel

Jack Vinson
jackvinson @astrout Can't stop... Just trying to pick off odd-but-good. Tanya Donelly, Thievery Corp., and for the kids: Wee Hairy Beasties. emusic 
Jack Vinson
jackvinson @astrout Have a look at Morphine, Badly Drawn Boy, Gilberto Gil, Babes in Toyland, Stephen Merritt, Ladytron, Push Kings, Stereo Total 
daveatmzinga @astrout For the iPod: "Evil Powers of Rock & Roll" by Supersuckers and "Avenue X" by Turbo AC's 
Thomas Kriese
itsthomas @astrout download "Mirrorball" by Elbow ... you'll like it!
Sheila Scarborough
SheilaS @astrout "Please allow me to introduce myself...." The Stones, live in Zilker Park, was some of the best money I've ever spent! 
dana marruffo
prwoman1 @astrout classic rock never fails - rolling stones' sympathy for the devil; also the black crowes' goodbye daugthers of the revolution 
Matt McDougall
doogsatx @astrout currently digging on Chris Mills' "Living in the Aftermath". 
Scott Hepburn
ScottHepburn @astrout You're a Boston guy, right? Do you know State Radio? Try their "Gang of Thieves" or "Barn Storming" 
Chris Seaberg
ccseab @astrout Band of Horses' song "Is There A Ghost"'re welcome :) 
Marc Kusherman
thekush @astrout Anything from the Avett Brothers. Maybe "Will You Return" "Die Die Die" or "Paranoia In B Major" 
Dan Cotton
dbcotton @astrout Would definitely include some of Prince's older stuff. 
Ricardo G.
ggroovin @astrout I've really been getting into Vampire Weekend lately. No, it's not Goth. :) 
Lynn Morton
MissLynn13 @astrout How about a little Talking Heads? or some other favorites are Tiger Army & The Horrorpops. 
Chris Bailey
chris_bailey @astrout i'm loving the groove of kings of leon's sex on fire right now...lots of get up and go energy 
Justin Whitaker
justinmwhitaker @astrout Matisyahu-Smash Lies. Been listening to that one quite a bit. Love how he takes that Timbaland style and give it a conscious. 
kelbyj @astrout secrets (blue sky black death), freakshow (cure), watching you (heavens), damn shame (jolie holland), drama queen (switches) 
Jenni Hilton
gurnage @astrout Have Love, Will Travel by the Sonics (not new but it rocks) 
Katie Morse
misskatiemo @astrout Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - ALWAYS a great "pick me up" when you need it :) 
CalamityJen @astrout The new GNR is pretty good. 
I'm keeping a running list of these as more come in on my Twitter favorites which are publicly available. If I'm missing other great songs, feel free to put them in the comments field.


  1. Aaron,

    I love this, and I've made a few notes for myself. My credit card absolutely has scars from the many times I've gotten music recommendations from the community at large. And iTunes has this way of leading you down rabbit holes...and they know this... :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. @amber sweet - I'm in the same boat! Too much money on new music. it's addictive!!!