Monday, December 29, 2008

Background on my "Breakthrough" Hiring 2.0 Post

Back in March, I wrote a post titled "Hiring in a 2.0 World." If you haven't read it, it's an interesting way to think about including social networking into your hiring (or "being hired") process.

That's not the reason I did this Utter-cast however. It was to give some background to my friend, Ken Burbary as to why this was a "breakthrough" post for me. As you'll hear in the audio portion of this utter-cast, it was a big post for me for three reasons:

  1. I learned that being prescriptive was the way to go - it's much easier for people to derive value from your thoughts if you keep things in a box and give them actionable steps on how to do what your recommending that they do.
  2. As a result of being prescriptive (and selectively reaching out to a few friends for feedback) I got dozens of thought provoking comments AND several other add on posts
  3. Combining numbers one and two (along with the savvy of Doug Haslam was doing some PR for us at the time), the topic garnered interest from US News and World Report and the Boston Sunday Globe.

So there you have it Ken. Hope that helps!

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