Thursday, March 17, 2011

Memories and Milestones

Last night, my friend and former colleague, Rusty Williams, sent me a direct message on Twitter alerting me to the fact that I was on the precipice of a milestone. Sitting at 39,999 tweets, I was one away from my 40,000 update, which if you think about it is a lot. Just think about it... what have you done 40,000 times in your life (if anything)?

As I got thinking, I realized that it would be nice to celebrate this milestone with something worthy, something that helped others, because as I look back through my first 39,999 tweets, I realize just how lucky I am -- both personally and professionally. Over the last four and half years that I've been on Twitter, I've met some amazing people and my family and I have benefited from this experience both personally and professionally.

In the past, I've taken different approaches to milestone tweets. I've been silly and done the fake retirement thing. I've also used the opportunity to dedicate tweets to friends like Jennifer Leggio who have helped me grow and expand my boundaries in social media. But this time, I want it to be different. This time, I want to do something good with my 40,000 update. Something that helps people in need and for those of us that aren't in need, reminds us to pause and celebrate how lucky we are.

Here's my plan and I'd like your help:

  • I just donated $150 to the #SXSWCares which my friends Deb Ng and Leigh Durst helped kick off at South by Southwest Interactive this year. I encourage you to donate too but I also know that money can be tight.
  • After a massive disaster like the one created by the Tsunami in Japan (and now the nuclear fallout) people tend to move on soon after the dust settles. To help keep this fresh in our minds for at least a little while longer, I ask that you retweet this post (there is a RT button at the top of the post) to help spread the word.
  • Once I get to 100 RTs, I will then donate 25 of my next 100 tweets, not just the #SXSWCares but to whatever cause you would like me to (within reason of course). Just leave the name of the cause, the link and a quick blurb as to why this cause is important to you in the comments below and I will make sure it gets tweeted to the people I'm connected with on Twitter.

Thank you in advance for helping me celebrate this marvelous milestone and the multiple memories I've had over my last 39,999 tweets.

Special thanks to: Kyle Flaherty, Jim Storer, Geoff Livingston, David Armano, Chris Brogan and Ken Burbary for helping me think through this.

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