Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick’n'Dirty 55 – ‘What’s the ROI of this Tweet?’

In the spirit of centralizing the recaps from our weekly Quick'n'Dirty podcast, Jennifer, Rich, Ken and I have launched TheQuicknDirty blog. To that end, this week's recap is over on that site. However, for the regular readers of our blogs, we will keep lite recaps coming.

  • Social app of the week: SCVNGR - "a game about doing challenges at places"
  • Guest of the week: Forrester sr. analyst, Augie Ray - focused on whether or not our addiction to Facebook was good or bad, the death of Google Wave and the ROI of social media.
  • Twitterer of the week: Mike Schneider - VP at Allen Gerritsen. Humble, smart, LBS genius.
  • Point / counterpoint: Can Google do "social?" Special guest co-host, Kyle Flaherty and I took off the gloves on this one.

Listen to the recording of this week's episode. Or download it on iTunes (go to iTunes and Search for Quick'n'Dirty). And if you want the full recap, head over to our new site.

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