Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Out the (Powered) Vote for SXSW 2011

It's hard to believe that it's THAT time already but it is THAT time already. What time is "THAT" time you ask? Time to start voting for your favorite South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) panels.

This year, I'm in the enviable position of having several Powered colleagues have panels that made it to the next round. The only downside of having so many great submissions make it through is trying to promote everyone's panels while NOT pissing everyone off that follows me/us. To that end, I'm trying to consolidate efforts by putting everyone's entrees in the same place.

Below you will find the following information for each of the panels:
  • The title of the proposed panel
  • The first sentence of the panel abstract
  • The suggested speakers
  • A link to the session (SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR IT)
Just remember, you need to sign up to vote. It takes less than a minute and doesn't cost you anything (and the folks at SXSW are very respectful of not spamming people to death).
  1. Marrying for Money: The ROI of Relationships
    You CAN measure the ROI of relationships - personally, and professionally, and this seminar will show you how. No spreadsheets needed for this lecture, and only minimal algebra...
    Jen van der Meer -  VP Analytics, Powered

  2. Flip the Funnel: Retention is the New Acquisition
    What if we got it all wrong? What if we've been going about marketing strategy completely the wrong way?
    Joe Jaffe - Chief Interrupter, Powered

  3. VideoBlogging: Go from Amateur to Outstanding
    You have a video camera and a YouTube Channel – now what? This panel will be a “Master Class” in online video and teach the next steps in building momentum in the online video space...
    Joe Jaffe - Chief Interrupter, Powered
  4. Is the Marketing Microsite Dead?
    Thanks to advances in technology and the rapid adoption of social media platforms by consumers globally,  marketers,  brand managers and their agencies are all discussing the pros and cons of driving consumers to marketing "microsites" vs. social media destinations like Facebook,  MySpace and even Twitter where they're already spending time...
    Adam Keats, Weber Shandwick, Joe Jaffe, Powered, Bonin Bough, Pepsi.

  5. Everyone’s Wrong about Influence. Except your Customers
    What is influence? For a decade, Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point has served as a touchstone for those who believe that influence resides in the hands of a select few. Not so, says a new generation of marketers. They believe that thanks to the democratizing power of the Internet, anyone can be an Influential...
    Valeria Maltoni - Director Strategy, Powered

  6. Your Content Stinks! Drive results with Content Marketing
     Are you creating content that drives results? Marketers are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon in droves, creating mountains of boring, useless, copycat content that has no impact on their business...
    David Meerman Scott, author, Jay Baer, Convince and Convert, Joe Pulizzi, Junta42, Valeria Maltoni - Director Strategy, Powered

  7. Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small
    Each day the world sees more than 1 million new blog posts, tens-of-millions of tweets, hundreds-of-millions of new pieces of Facebook content, and more than 1 billion YouTube videos...
    Greg Verdino - VP Strategy, Powered

  8. Cage Match: Social vs Video
    Social media and online video battle for mindshare among marketers. Which one totally rules? We’ll lock Craig Wax, CEO of Invodo and Natanya Anderson, VP of Content Strategy and Delivery at Powered, in a cage (metaphorically – or maybe literally) to duke it out. Tim Walker will enforce the rules...
    Natanya Anderson, Powered, Tim Walker, Breaking Point Systems, Craig Wax, Invodo
  9. Using Online Video to Build Your Company's Audience
    With over 24 hours of video being uploaded every minute on YouTube and over 56 hours of video being uploaded per minute to lifestreaming sites such as UStream and, companies are starting to use videoblogs as a way of directly reaching out to new and existing customers...
    Melissa Pierce - VeriSign (Powered client)

  10. The Steroid Culture of Social Media: You Use?
    Ever think about taking shortcuts to boost your numbers? You know, the numb that show the success of all those interactive social media marketing programs. The numbers that decide your end of year bonus...
    Tim Walker (Breaking Point Systems), Laura Beck (Too Short Productions), Kyle Flaherty (Breaking Point Systems) and Aaron Strout (that's me!)

  11. The ROI of Customer-centricity
    While some of us are single-mindedly focused on social media as a phenomenon,  we often lose sight of the source of its importance...namely,  its ability to enable companies to be more customer-centric...
    Frank Eliason (Citi), Jess Berlin (Cirque du Soleil), Reem Abeidoh (GroupM Search) and Aaron Strout

  12. Generation C: Changing the Future of Business... Forever!
    Forget about Gen X and Gen Y,  it's all about Gen C -- the Content Generation. Business is changing and content is becoming king...
    Edward Boches (Mullen), Sydney Owen (Weber Shandwick), Sherry Lowry (Lowry Group) and Aaron Strout

  13. Road Rules for Mentorship: What's Appropriate (and What's Not)In a world where the saying "it's all about who you know" is more and more relevant across multiple platforms,  mentoring is more important than ever...
    Sydney Owen and Aaron Strout
What's in it for you you ask? Include the name of your panel and a link and I promise that I'll go over and throw you a vote as a little thank you for your participation. And if you don't have a panel, just consider that I owe you one should you choose to vote for any/all of the panels above.


  1. OK I voted for all of them. Now what do I do? Do I call the SXSW phone lines and start a call in campaign? What about email and Fax? I love Faxing. I can Fax all day if needed. If I change the name on each Fax but use the same Fax number of Origin will they catch on?

    Note on Valeria's Influence Symposium. Love the premise. Actually the places that are ALWAYS wrong about social media influence is every site I have ever seen that tries to measure influence including Klout, Twinfluence, and Edeleman Digital's recent attempt.

  2. I love the idea of faxing and calling, Howie. I'm giving you the "communications Ninja" award for taking the initiative. Thank you so much for the comment on the premise of the conversation on influence. It would be great to get the room moved into truly thinking and experiencing what it means and what it feels like.

  3. Howie - for what it's worth, I've heard that some of the most successful SXSW panels in the past have come as a result of fax marketing campaigns. Plus, Hugh Forrest (event producer) is a big time, old school faxer at heart. ;)

    Valeria - your panel should be a shoe in! Influence FTW.

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  5. A few years back I had a list of about 20 Senators and Congresspeople I would fax my Position Statement of the Day on a specific subject normally railing about ethics, fairness and good government. So my ninja fax skills are just latent ready to be unleashed again. Kind of like Mr. Myagi from the Karate Kid.

    I am good at calling but hate calling due to endless years of sales and BizDev work. I prefer to open now with some sort of a hooky lead 'don't hang up I have some Omaha Steaks for you....' and then I let them down at the end that they didn't qualify.

    Kidding aside I think Brands feel snowed when oversold a bill of goods by Agencies and Industry Renegades that don't pan out. Social Influence is one of those 'hot buttons' that can mean so many things and often is misrepresented. Problem being once someone is burned its harder for the rest of us to overcome the initial distrust factor.

  6. Aaron, glad you've seen the light a bit more on fax marketing. It is absurd how so many brands are trusting in "social media". Guess what I saw today with my fax blast for a national coffee chain? Immediate results with people bringing these into the local stores. Sure, 22% were complaining, but overall a big hit.

  7. Hey Aaron! Thanks for the list, I tried to get through most of the 2000 ones on panel picker, but just couldn't, so it's good when they get pointed out! I put my vote in for a few of these.... Good luck to all!

  8. Kate - you're a good egg. As I mentioned via e-mail last week, I did the same with your panel! ;)