Monday, April 19, 2010

Adverve: My Recent Guest Appearance

Last week, social media smarties, Bill Green and Angela Natividad, were kind enough to have me on their weekly podcast, Adverve. I have listened to the show a few times before and love Bill and Angela's wit and insight. This show was no different as we talked about:
  • agencies of the future
  • privacy
  • how a particular well-known church might use social media
I have to say, the topic about church and social media was one of the most interesting / thought provoking I've ever discussed. Kudos to Angela for pushing me to really think that one through. If you have a chance, please give the show a listen. You can weigh in on my blog or the Adverve blog (or both if you are REALLY feeling motivated).



  1. Very good interview! We are still due for that coffee Aaron. Let's get something scheduled in May.

    Ripple On!!!

  2. It was cool having you on to tackle our wallowy God questions. Can't wait for the next time!

    Also, send kisses to Mike ... he has been really awesome.