Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 34: Pistachios Anyone?

The seeming trend recently has been that my Quick-n-dirty podcast partner, Jennifer Leggio, and I have been more apart than together. This has been mostly my fault as my travel schedule has been a little nuts, but this past week, Jennifer got to take her "week off" as she was attending an RSA Conference. As a result, we had another special guest host. This week, it was none other than Laura Fitton, founder and CEO of and co-author of Twitter for Dummies.

As you know, we normally try and include a guest even when we have a guest host but this week, we went the unconventional route and I made Laura our guest during that portion of the show. Given her in depth knowledge of Twitter, this worked out well as she filled us in on their recent town hall, their upcoming developers event called Chirp and some of the rumors that have swirled based a certain tweet that led folks to believe that Twitter employees had access to some pretty phenomenal Twitter functionality that the outside world wasn't privy to. If you or your business spends any time at all, this interview with Laura is a must listen.

Of course no show would be complete without our featured social network of the week. This week's choice was social aggregator, Nomee. Having just seen a demo of all their slick funcationality, I couldn't resist highlighting them (thanks to Renee Leger whome my colleague, Bill Fanning, and I met at the recent Social Media Club Dallas event for connecting us with Nomee). The thing I liked most about Nomee was the fact that it allowed you to follow a group or individual's activities across 140 different social networks via a desktop (or iPhone) app and then drill down on a network at any given time.

For our featured Twitterer of the week, we were pleased to announce Keith Burtis. Keith is an unusual combination of photographer, community manager, developer, podcaster and blogger. He's currently consulting but most recently was working for BestBuy and helped with their blogger outreach at last year's SXSW. This year, he's connected with a mutual friend, Patrick Moran of Fuzebox and is evangelizing new Fuzebox offering, Tweetshare. I haven't seen the app yet but based on what Patrick and Keith have told me, it's pretty cool. So if you like anything that has to do with community management, social media for business or photography, you'd be a fool not to introduce Keith into your Twitter stream.

Finally, Laura and I wrapped up with... what else but a conversation about whether Twitter will be sold this year and if so, to whom. We were tight on time at this point so we didn't get too far into a point / counterpoint but Laura believe's that IF Twitter were to be sold (and she's not convinced that it will be), Google will be the one to buy. I contended that I do think Twitter will be sold and it SHOULD be this year for them to obtain maximum value but that won't likely be the case. However, if/when they do sell, I believe it won't be Google who continues to try and replicate Twitter via acquisitions (Jaiku) and home grown offerings (Wave/Buzz) but rather Yahoo! MSN or Facebook.

Unfortunately, Jennifer and I won't be doing a show this week do to travel and the onset of SXSW. However, you can feel free to take this opportunity to read past write ups either here or one Jennifer's ZDNet blog. Or even better, you can listen to archives of the show on Blog Talk Radio.

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