Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7 Reasons You Know You're Experiencing SXSW Withdrawal

There's no doubt that by the end of South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), we are all tired, brain dead and a little overwhelmed... yet we all seem to have a big ole' permagrin on our face (not to mention hundreds of new Twitter, Plancast and and Gowalla followers). This is partially due to the fact that there is just nothing quite like "South-by" as locals call it. It's just such a perfect mix of sun, friends and a deeper understanding of what makes "social," well... "social."

As a three time veteran, I feel the need to let other South-by attendees that they aren't the only ones to feel that twinge of remorse as their planes touch down, especially those that have to go back to colder climes. What better way to empathize than to share my seven reasons you know you're experiencing SXSW withdrawal with my friends.

Drumroll please...

7. You can't stop using the world "douchebag"... including with your kids, grandmother and your boss.
6. Checking into every room in your house using Gowalla and Foursquare feels perfectly normal.
5. You find yourself daydreaming about BBQ... ALL THE TIME
4. Neighbors look at you funny when you ask them which parties they are going to tonight.
3. None of your co-workers know where or what the "Blogger's Lounge" is.
2. You can't help but wonder if you'll randomly bump into Robert Scoble, Gary Vaynerchuck or Guy Kawasaki  in your local Starbucks.


1. You keep looking at the @RedSoxGnome's Twitter stream to see which wild and crazy guy or gal he'll end up with next!

Great seeing everyone. Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit more. A more serious wrap up SXSW post will be coming soon!

Photo Credit: my main, techmology man, Jim Storer. (respect, respect)


  1. #4 made me LOL...the loudest. :)

  2. -Zaneology, glad to give you a chuckle. ;)

  3. I miss drinking at 3pm and calling that work.

  4. I did notice an increase in use of the word "douchebag" in my vocabulary; now I know I can blame Austin.

    #8 on your list should be: #youhashtageverything

  5. -Kate, why stop just because SXSWi is over?
    -Chris, Austin misses you too.
    -Doniree, must be something in the water. BTW, I was going to add something similar to your #8. In fact, it was my tweet to that effect that inspired my post. ;)

  6. Working from home, I am even more confused to not only not find a blogger lounge, but any people around me. Gah!

    I do, however, check into my apartment (I am mayor), and I can keep checking into Gregarious, since he is technically here.

  7. Enjoyed the @RedSoxGnome meme as well as the updates from you and the usual suspects. I'm sure there are lots more photos, recaps and lessons learned to come.

  8. I had a great "South By". I am so surprised I didn't see you more. The Powered party kicked butt. Thanks again for the good times.

  9. Well - I wasn't very successful at lurking from afar this year and missed you all! In my case I'm just starting to relive the event vicariously through all the pictures and blogs coming out. We managed to have a little fun at #NXNE (

  10. #7 & #3 are the ones that get me in trouble. Missing y'all and can't wait until next year.

  11. - Maria, LMAO.
    - Derek, glad to have been of service. ;)
    - Wesley, I know. Saw you in passing several times but I was bummed we didn't get to hang more. Glad you liked the Powered party.
    - Rachel, we missed you. With your own little "gnome" on the way, we understand if you were a little distracted.
    - Peter, no doubt! And yes, definitely looking forward to SXSW 2011 alreaady.

  12. It was good to see you at SXSW, Aaron! And #hittingbombs was a great panel to wrap up with!

    I miss the (512) IPA... ;)

  13. Kenneth - thanks man. Much appreciated. That last panel was fun and a great way to put a cherry on SXSW.