Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 31: Quick-n-dirty style...

I LOVE doing the weekly Quick-n-Dirty podcast show every week with co-host, Jennifer Leggio. It's not only professionally rewarding but also a lot of fun. I'm not going to lie though, finding the time to do the "recap" post is always a little challenging. So this week, I'm going to do it quick and dirty style.
  • Social network of the week is the Daily Booth. Think of Flickr meets Twitter where members are encouraged to snap a picture of themselves once a day/365 days a year. Both Jennifer and I agreed that this may not be our cup of tea (lots of GenY-ers) but it is an interesting concept, especially when you watch the live feed.
  • Our special guest this week was Mr. SocialNerdia himself, Esteban Contreras. Not only is he an uber blogger/podcaster but he was newly anointed as social media manager for Samsung Electronics. Since Esteban spends a lot of time for Samsung tweeting, we asked him a lot of Twitter-centric questions. My favorite was, what if Twitter goes away tomorrow? Jen followed up with another great one asking, if you do pick another network, what are you doing to grow relationships with your enthusiasts in those other networks. All in all, Esteban was a great sport and even participated in the very chatty chatroom.
  • Our featured Twitterer of the week is Ron Shevlin, former Forrester VP and current senior analyst at Aite Group. He's also a damn funny tweeter and a really thoughtful (and contrarian) marketing blogger. If you haven't checked him yet, change that in a hurry.
  • Finally, Jennifer and I mixed it up a little bit on during our normal point / counterpoint session. Instead of duking it out, we talked about the premier of one of our favorite shows, LOST. If you watch the show but missed the premier, I won't spoil it for you. If you did watch it and want to hear what we said, check out the archive of the show here.
Wow - so how's that for fast? Did I miss something? Well, then leave it in the comments. By the way, I won't be joining you all next week. Our friend and rock star entrepreneur/PR 2.0 king, Brian Solis will be filling in for me. Be sure to check that show out next Thursday at 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT.

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