Friday, February 19, 2010

Engaging Your Customers Across the Social Web

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to over a hundred of Dallas, TX's brightest social media minds at the monthly Social Media Club, Dallas meeting. Not only did I meet dozens of new people that I look forward to staying in touch with at the event but I had the opportunity to bounce some ideas, suggestions and case studies off of the crowd. I also fielded some pretty awesome questions like:
  • Should we be paying attention to Google Buzz?
  • Are branded online communities a real trend?
  • How do you let a client know when they are doing social wrong?
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone documented the occasion with video but I did put my slides up on Slideshare. I've also included links to the pictures that Cynthia Smoot put up on her Gangway Advertising Flickr page.

The presentation is here:
And if you check quickly enough (those folks at the Dallas Social Media Club are very conversational AND are really good at incorporating the #smcdallas hashtag), you can catch some of the highlights from the crowd. You can also click on the collage below to see Cynthia's pics.

A big thanks to Mike D. Merrill and Colin Alsheimer for inviting me to speak. Props also go to Jessica Nunez for her awesome intro, Aaron Bollinger of KickApps for sponsoring and kicking things off, the fine folks over at Zoe's Kitchen for providing an amazing spread and Muroch Partners for hosting. And finally, big ups to Bill Fanning for driving with me for three hours up and three hours back from Austin to Dallas back to Austin. Viva la Genesis!

Other great people I met (I know I'm leaving some out so sorry in advance)... Lauren Fernandez, Jill McFarland, Cosmin Ghiurau, Erica Martinez, Amanda HawkinsCameron Gawley, Kirby Sander, Kathy Catoe, Alyssa Gardina, Tom McCracken, David Swinney, Ivan Leon, Kat Farmer, Scott Duke, Barbar BhattiKelly Welborn, Connie Hannon, Matt Smith, Kate Aronson, @vsellis, John Langdon


  1. Hey Aaron! Thanks for posting up my pictures. SMC was honored to host you. I love the questions that come out of our group. They are a challenging, thoughtful and passionate lot of folks! I always walk away learning something and your presentation was no exception. Take care and I'll catch you on twitter!

  2. Cynthia - thank YOU for all the great pictures. It was a great event. I consider myself fortunate to have participated.

  3. Aaron - great blog post. hope to reconnect soon.