Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wonderful, the Lovely, Jenny Cisney of Kodak

Jenny Cisney isn't just your average, "I was in marketing and got asked to man our Twitter and blog accounts" corporate blogger. In fact, she's actually been blogging longer than many of today's well known bloggers because she's been doing her thing since 2000. For this reason, she has a deep knowledge and understanding and it shows in her social activities.

At today's Inbound Marketing Summit in Foxborough, MA, we got to hear from Jenny as she talked about how she and the company she works for, Eastman Kodak (heard of them -- yup, they were they invented the digital camera). She only had 20 minutes to talk but she covered some cool topics. Here are a few pulled straight from the #ims09 Twitter stream:
  • @pgillin: @KodakCB says Twitter helps Kodak sell high-end equipment to businesses. #ims09
  • @rhappe: Simple & effective idea for convincing execs - give them a beta/comp of the types of things you are planning #ims09
  • @MSchechter Brand, schmand... You can't develop a relationship with a brand, only with a person. #ims09
  • @justinlevy: Use twitter for product development. Kodak did when it made the Zi8. #ims09
  • @eWayDirect: @kodakcb tells us they will be hiring a chief listener #ims09 - interesting potential new role at other big companies
  • @miketrap: Kodak Chief Blogger: "I'm not shy about my personal life. I'm really all puppies and cupcakes, which works for the brand." #ims09
  • @jayatkins: Kodak connects with their audience on multiple platforms - check it out #ims09
What I can tell you is that Kodak (a Powered Inc. client) is a smart bunch and Jenny is a clear example of their social prowess. If you don't follow them @KodakCB, their CMO, @JeffreyHayzlett or their director of digital, @TomHoehn, you should.

If you want to check out the scrap booking community that we just launched for them, you can see it here:

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  1. Jenny Cisney is adorable. She has all the right be called the chief! And I'm glad she works for Kodak.