Thursday, November 20, 2008

Interesting Posts on Social Marketing

I don't plan to do this too often but given the fact that I just subscribed to a Google alert for "Social Marketing" (shame on me for not doing this sooner), I couldn't help but share some of the posts that came up in the results:

A 22-step plan to improve your social marketing
By Steve Lewis 

Social marketing may be relatively new, but a number of organizations have already established themselves as leaders — and there is much you can learn from them, says Peter Kim, a senior partner at Dachis Corporation. ...

Wal-Mart Doesn't Get Social Marketing

Now for all the talk recently of Wal-Mart getting on the Web 2.0, social media band wagon, how far they've come, and how well they understand this new brand of marketing, Wal-Mart has just proven they don't get it, at all. ...

Social Media Impacts Ad Agency New Business
By Michael Gass

Social Marketing gives marketers the ability to measure the bottom-line impact of every marketingactivity, to quantify the impact of changes to marketing budgets, and to demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue. ...

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