Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is New Marketing? A Mike Lewis/Aaron Strout Perspective

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Cross Tech Media's New Marketing Summit. In addition to having a great lineup of speakers, dozens of savvy vendors and a ton of really smart marketing/social media folks, my friend Mike Lewis, President of BMA Boston, was doing video interviews for NewMarketingTV. Interviews included distinguished guests such as Christine Perkett of Perkett PR, CC Chapman of the Advance Guard, and Adam Broitman of Crayon. He was kind enough to ask me to join him.

A few quick notes:
  • I've done a lot of interviews over the last few years and Mike hands down was one of the best. He asked great questions and led me to what I hope were some good answers.
  • He talked about community and social media for business vs. for fluff. At the end of the day, it's about ROI and results, not friends and conversations.
  • We went just long enough to cover the right ground but not so long that it dragged (you may disagree).
Here's the video if you'd like to watch it...

What to you think new marketing is? And will you be attending one of Chris Brogan/Cross Tech Media's upcoming Conferences (the answer to that last question should be YES).


  1. Hi Arron! I came across this post and there's one correction needed. Mike Lewis was President of BMA Boston, not AMA Boston. Being President of AMA Boston is my job.


  2. Myles - great to see your name in my comments! It's been a while. And thank you for the correction. Not sure why I got the two mixed up but am fixing now!