Friday, October 24, 2008

A Great Time Was Had By All

It's funny, what originally started as a "welcome to Boston" tweet-up for friend, Ken Burbary ended up doing double duty as a "going away" party for me. As you may have heard, I just announced the news of my departing Mzinga and joining on with Powered in a recent blog post. Given the fact that I've got just a little over a week left in Boston, this was an opportunity for a bunch of us social media folks to get together for a few pints at the legendary Good Life bar and grill on Kingston Street in Boston.

I've yet to get my pictures up (I'll do that tonight and link them to this post) but there were a number of us snapping away. New friend, Kevin Micalizzi was the first to put his photos up. Bob Collins and Gradon Tripp were also camera happy. I just posted Bob's and I'm assuming Gradon's will be coming soon.

Even though I left on the early-ish side of things, I had a great time hanging out with the likes of Adam Cohen, co-guest of honor, Ken, Jeff Cutler, Dmitri Gunn (thank you for organizing), Adam Zand, Rebecca Corliss, Kevin, Gradon, Kee Hinckley, Bob, Todd Van Hoosear, Rob Everton, Stanton Champion, Ken Chin, Will McNeill, Bryan Maleszyk, Eric Karofsky, Patrick Richardson, Mike Langford along with fellow mzinga-ites: Jim Storer, Gary Lombardo, Meredith Kench, Derek Peplau, Rachel Happe (with husband, Ted) and newest team member, Aye "Mo" Moah. The beauty of the night was mixing both personal conversations (fantasy football, the Red Sox, Austin) with professional (Twitter, platforms, movers and shakers). The real beauty was not being constrained to 140 characters.

While I had a wonderful time at the party (even if Jim didn't as evidenced from his expression in the picture below), the highlight of the evening actually came this morning when Jim alerted me to Adam Zand's "Utterli" roasts.

Unsuspecting, I was inside the Good Life socializing with my pals and Adam was catching up with friends and co-workers outside and getting them to say funny things. The first roast was with friend and colleague, Rachel. The second was with a wider group of folks including Todd, Meredith, Derek and Mo. And finally, there was Jim's. Anyone interested in how I got my social media start should listen closely to this one!

All I have to say is, "Thanks Gang." Oh yeah, it was nice to finally meet you too Ken. I'm glad we go to hang out and talk someplace other than Twitter. You're as cool offline as you are online! Hope to see you out in Michigan sometime soon.

One last pic of Ken, Jim and me...

Got pictures, comments or snide remarks? Put 'em below!

UPDATE 10/27: My Flickr pics (finally)

Photos courtesy: Kevin Micalizzi and Bob Collins


  1. Good times, good times.

    BTW, I love your "The People I Read" widget -- what do you use for that?

  2. Great way to kick off a new blog. I gonna miss you and I don't even see you! Sounds like a great time was had by all.

  3. Todd, yes, that was a good time last night. Nice to see everyone and not feel rushed.

    Regarding the "People I Read" widget, it was one of the options that Blogger gave me. What was really cool was my ability to suck in everyone from my Google Reader.

    -Warren, you'll probably see me MORE now that I'm in Austin. At a minimum, you've gotta come down for SXSW.

  4. hey bud
    did'nt someone tell you blogs are so yesterday? it was on the most important and influential magazine west of the sf bay area - wired magazine. oh well. Welcome 2.1 :)

  5. @warrenss - You're in luck, that night Aaron was already volunteering his place to weary SXSW travelers. Don't think his wife knows yet tho ;)

  6. It should be quite a Tweet (Sleep?) Up at Aaron's place for SXSW 2009... I think he invited 10+ of us to stay with him. Maybe Shuckri will make it this year.

  7. Just stumbled on your new blog. Sounds like things are going well down in TX. Make sure you get on the occasional #redsox stream next season.