Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Crowdsourced Photo Contest (Prize = $50 Gift Card)

I have a fun contest idea and I need your help.

Your job is to go in and tag 10 of my Flickr pictures that you think are my *BEST* work. Yes, this is totally subjective. But that's the way art works, right?

The Rules

  • The contest will close next Friday at 3 PM ET (10/8). At that point, I will collect every picture that has been tagged as a "favorite." Of those, I will take the top 50 or 100 ranked by number of favorites each picture has received.
  • I will then have my Maury Postal -- a rock star photographer (he has his own gallery showing next week in NYC) -- pick the top 10. Whomever has the most favorites in the top 10 wins.
  • In the event of a tie, we will either split the cash or I might pull in another guest judge to break the tie. Final decision will arrive on 10/13.

You in? Be sure that when you mark something as favorite, there is a way I can contact you (either via Twitter or Facebook). Questions? Ping me at @aaronstrout.

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