Monday, July 19, 2010

What Do Facebook, The Social Network, Guy Fieri and Scott Monty Have in Common?

The title of this post is hands down the longest title in the history of this blog (I think). But I couldn't think of a better way to respond to my friend over at Ford Motor Company, Scott Monty's, blog post today. If you haven't seen it, he riffs off the new movie, The Social Network which parodies Facebook and their march toward 500 million members.

As part of the fun, Scott decided that he would pick a few of us out of the social media marketing crowd (some more prominent than others, ahem, Seth Godin) that could possibly appear in the movie. And if we did, who would play us in the movie? I got a kick out of my dopplerganger and Food Network star, Guy Fieri, who ironically, I met last summer in New York City. Some folks including my darling wife thought better comparisons for me might be Ben Affleck, Billy Ray Cyrus or even Bruce Springsteen (Stephanie Agresta insists I am his long lost brother).

But that's why I'm writing this post... instead, my goal is to continue with the meme that Scott started. In his post, he asks...
If they were holding open casting calls for extras and you were going to be featured, what famous person, dead or alive, would play you in the movie? Leave a comment below or reply with a post on your own blog with a link back to this post.
So I'm adding a few stars of my own. What do you think?

David Armano, sr. vice president, Edelman Digital / John Leguizamo [updated 7/20]

Maria Ogneva, social media director, Attensity360 / Scarlett Johansen

Brett Petersel, business development and events lead, Mashable / Christian Bale

Shannon DiGregorio, social media marketing, The CR / Angelina Jolie

Adam Cohen, partner at digital agency, Rosetta / Rob Thomas

And last but not least...

Kyle Flaherty, director of marketing, BreakingPoint Systems / Jack Black

[updated 7/20] And apparently, I look much more like Josh Beckett in this pic than any of my other dopplergangers above... (thank you Kyle)


  1. Aaron, if you look at that picture of you there is only ONE person you look like and I can not believe you didn't have his pic.

  2. Christian Bale is a deadringer for Brett, and OMG Josh Beckett looks eerily like you, Aaron - good call, Kyle. Not sure I buy the Armano / Dempsey thing. And I'm very flattered you chose one of my fave leading ladies as my avatar - she was my doppleganger during that dopleganger week thingy.

    This was a welcome and fun break for an otherwise unremarkable Monday - thanks for that!


  3. I think Kyle hit the nail on the head. If he is cast as Aaron then I will absolutely play the role of the wife myself. No need for casting calls on my behalf.

  4. glad you all liked it!

    -Kyle, I can't argue. I guess I kinda do look like Beckett in that pic.
    -Maria, I was going to go the Hasslehoff route with Armano but that card has been played.
    -Mel, taking one for the team, eh? ;)

  5. Priceless. There is so much humor potential with this meme that I have to bite my lip. Thanks for including me and not comparing me to my nemesis in high school, Ralph Macchio.

  6. Adam - I just couldn't do the "Ralph Macchio" thing to you. You're too good a friend. One bit of wisdom for you, however... "wax on, wax off." ;)

  7. Adam Cohen IS Rob Thomas! That was a classic choice!

  8. What a great post. You did a great casting job. Maybe 'Casting Director' is in the cards for you.

  9. Brett- yeah, Adam Cohen really IS Rob Thomas, isn't he?

    Olga, thanks. I've been thinking about a career change. ;)

  10. OMG I have no idea who would play me. Someone once said I looked like Drew Barrymore, but I can't tell if that was good or not. I don't know who else....? I love Adam - Rob Thomas (although Ralph Macchio.... HA!). Perfect. And Aaron, I would definitely take the Boss on this one... rock out!

    This was fun... keep going :-)

  11. Oh man, how much did @brett pay you to say that? Didn't know you were taking sponsored look-alike suggestions! hah

  12. It would be Henry Rollins. Though he has more tattoos and is tougher than me (but not that much tougher! flexes). And he was in a cooler band but only because I was never in a band. =P

  13. Kate - I actually thought about putting AND Liz into the mix when I did this but couldn't quite put my finger on who would play you (and didn't want to offend if I picked the wrong person).

    Howie - that's a good choice. Henry Rollins is a crazy mofo -- very intense -- but very smart and well respected. You could do worse than him.

  14. After Beckett's stinker last night I thought I would visit again and blame you for losing to the Yankees.