Friday, January 15, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand Social Media Style

Unless you live under a rock, you know about the living hell that people in Haiti are going through right now. And if you're like me, you've likely already been solicited by a dozen plus pleas to donate. Well, donating is definitely a great way to help (I will be donating this weekend) but my colleague, JoeJaffe and I wanted to take this a step further.

To that end, Joe is donating a keynote speech (minimum bid of $10,000). If you haven't heard Joe speak, let me just tell you that your head will hurt afterward (in a good way). And one other thing I can tell you is that Joe regularly fetches more than $10,000 for his speaking activities (he's a former keynote from such events as DMA2008 and the ANA's Masters of Marketing).

For my part, I've signed our company to donate $1,000 AND I will play radio show host as part of an effort being put forth by my good friend, Jim Turner who is partnering with Stephanie Agresta of Ogilvey to put together a 24 hour radio-thon starting this Sunday. If you get a chance, try and stop by sometime during the 24 hour show.

Are you using your social media know how to help? If so, let us know how below.

Photo courtesy Reuters


  1. I helped create, organize and promo an all day benefit concert at Dominican Joes coffee shop. Crowdsourceing FTW!

  2. Being a people connector is something i seek to become one day. I am thinking about connections unless specifically asked.