Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Panhandling for Change: A Little Vote Goes a Long Way

Yup, I'm that dude. The one with his hand out asking for some change. Well, not actual change but the social equivalent. I'm looking for a vote (thumbs up or down) and/or a comment if you can spare it. It's for the 2010 South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSWi) and I am lucky enough to be in the running for three different panels. I've also submitted a fourth panel for my colleague, Kathy Warren, to lead with a client and a couple of other rock star brands.

Here are the details:

Organizer/Moderator: Kathy Warren, VP Strategy & Measurement, Powered Inc.
Panelists: Peter Fasano, social media marketing, Coca Cola; Tom Hoehn, director brand communications & new media, Eastman Kodak; Shawn Morton, senior consultant for social media at Nationwide Insurance

If you’ve ever tried tracking down a return on investment (ROI) on “social,” you’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to find. During this interactive discussion, listen as brand practitioners from Coke, Nationwide and Kodak talk about ways that their companies are deriving real ROI from social while providing best practices, case studies and examples of how companies can achieve this elusive ROI Holy Grail.

Organizer/Moderator: Simon Salt, CEO, The IncSlingers
Panelists: Aaron Strout, CMO, Powered; Dave Knox, brand manager, digital business strategy, Procter & Gamble; Amber Naslund, director of community, Radian6.

Content, content, content. If you haven't heard, it's the new currency and companies are looking at new ways to create smart, engaging and most importantly, inexpensive content to engage their customers, prospects and partners. From blog comments and community forums to expert videos, this interactive session will answer the important questions such as:
  1. Where ownership of content starts, ends and why the lines blur.
  2. How to deal with "inappropriate" content, handling negativity, moving beyond the C level fear of what people might say.
  3. The best ways to strike a balance between expert, curated and customer generated content.

Organizer/Moderator: Tim Walker, Blogger, Hoover's Inc.
Panelists: Aaron Strout, CMO, Powered; Jennifer Leggio, blogger, ZDNet; Kyle Flaherty, director of marketing, BreakingPoint Systems

Teamwork. Preparation. Execution. Sports abounds with lessons for today's socially enabled business. This panel's Murderer's Row of sports fans/social media pros will make you laugh, make you think, and give you fresh perspective on how sports metaphors can elevate social media practice for you and your company.

Organizer/Moderator: Bill Johnston, chief community officer, ForumOne Communications
Panelists: Aaron Strout, CMO, Powered; Jake McKee & Sean O'Driscoll, principals, Ant's Eye View; Shawn Morton, senior consultant for social media at Nationwide Insurance

Social media practice and implementation is a dynamic and volatile subject that effects all functions in a company from the obvious (product, support, marketing) to the not so obvious (hr, operations). Hear from 5 seasoned social media practitioners (plus YOU!) about where we are on "the map" of social media adoption and practice, and where we are headed. The mood will be lively, the panel bright eyed and prepared, and the audience smart (and involved).

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