Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Former Jive CMO to Head Social "Niche-working" Co., BlackBox Republic

Remember Sam Lawrence, Mr. "Go Big Always?" I've interviewed him a couple of times in the past -- both in podcast and blog formats. He's one of my favorite people in the "social" space because he's smart, funny and thinks big... ALWAYS. Based one his announcement last night at 9 PM ET, his next move shows that nothing has changed.

Yup, Sam has taken on the roll of co-founder and CEO of new "social niche-working" company, BlackBox Republic. According to the press materials I received, Sam says BlackBox is, "focused on reinventing the online relationship market." Before you jump to any conclusions, I verified with Sam and his fellow co-founder, April Donato, that this is not another "Adult Friendfinder" or other nefarious porn/online dating site. Think of it as akin to Burning Man where "stuff happens" but there is zero judgement and adults can act like adults.

While I can tell you all sorts of thing about what Sam and April are up to, why not listen to them tell you themselves (yup, we recorded a podcast). If it's a little choppy at points, I apologize because my iPhone crapped out on me. I've tried to edit out the dead air and transitions but either way, it's definitely worth listening to. HINT: This is the future of social networking... at least one flavor anyway.

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