Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick-n-dirty Social Media Podcast: Episode 10 Recap

Another day, another Quick-n-Dirty podcast show. Oh, I mean that in a positive way. It's always good when you feel like you've hit your groove with a blog/podcast show. Obviously you need to keep it fresh but understanding what's working and whats not comes from practice. It also allows you to try new things like our surprise guest dial in at the end of the show from friend, Bill Johnston of Forum One (more on that below).

For anyone new to the show, here are the recaps of episodes one, two, three, four, five. six, seven, eight and nine. If you've listened to more than a couple of our shows, we do welcome feedback so please feel free to critique us in the comments below.

If you missed this week's show, you can listen to an archive of episode ten here. If you're more of a reader than a listener, you'll find a recap of this week's show below:
  1. Featured Social Network: Aardvark. While Jennifer and I haven't used this service a ton, both of us have answered the e-mail requests that have come from our friends. One of the main reasons we like Aardvark (in addition to the awesome t-shirt Aaron received), is that it's old world (e-mail) meets new world (social networking). It's also a clever use of geo-based social networking without the intrusivness of being gps-discoverable which Jennifer doesn't like.
  2. Special Guest & Case Study: Dan Schawbel, "leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y," author of Me 2.0, and social media specialist at EMC. It was pleasure having Dan although I will say that he sure does know how to talk (and that comes from a guy that's pretty darn good at talking himself).
  3. Featured Twitterer: Rachel Happe. For the second straight week, Jennifer and I picked someone that we both knew and respected (last week, we had Ryan Kuder). I worked with Rachel at Mzinga for a few months -- something that just deepened my great respect for her. In addition, Rachel is part of the group, Technically Women, an organization that Jennifer also belongs to (and something we covered back in week five). Oh yeah, Rachel is a former IDC analyst and is currently a principal at The Community Roundtable along with close friend, Jim Storer.
  4. Point / Counterpoint: The Speaker's Group neglecting to include any women on it's "top 10 social media speaker list." I'll spare you the details as Jennifer covered it thoroughly in a post over on her ZDNet blog (Geoff Livingston also shared some thoughts here). Bottom line, Jennifer (who is repped by the Speaker's Group) thought it was most effective for her to work with the SG to help find a solution to their initial faux pas of not including ANY women on their list of top ten social media speakers. My position was, "shame on them for not getting it right in the first place." To that end, our friend Bill Johnston -- our surprise guest caller -- who runs events for ForumOne said that it was B.S. because if anything, he found it easier to land great women speakers to talk about social media and community at his events. Yay Bill!
Up next week, we'll be talking with Bert DuMars, CMO of Newell-Rubbermaid and our featured "tweeter of the week" is none other than John Pruitt. ALSO, we need your input. We're thinking of carving out more time for live callers toward the end of the show. Do you like this idea? If not, why not?

What, this recap wasn't enough? Well go and listen live or download archived podcasts here.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Aaron.

    Re: social media speaker lists... While we're still growing The Community Roundtable membership to be a valid statistical sample size, it's interesting to note we're 69% women at this point.

    As our former CEO liked to point out, in social media and community it's good to be in touch with your feminine side. :-)

  2. Jim - my pleasure. And thank you for supporting my argument! ;)

  3. Aaron and Jennifer,

    I have caught almost all of the podcasts. Keep the great content coming. Yes, I think adding comments and perspectives from call-in listeners would be a great addition. I would rather hear somebody's perspective live on the show rather than a quick little snippet Jennifer or Arron repeats from the twitterfeed/chat.

    Two, I think the show would be even better if you can get the same content into thirty minutes. I believe keeping the program tighter, cleaner, and focused would make for a much better show. The show where you kept on breaking in with news on Michael Jackson felt choppy and disruptive a week later when the MJ story was old news. Those are my two cents, keep up the good work.

  4. Craig - I LOVE your feedback. Thank you for helping to make the show better. I will talk to Jennifer about keeping the show to 30 minutes. We will also strongly consider continuing our "live call in" feature this week.